Flat Cards


When I started my Etsy shop almost 5 years ago, I knew at some point I wanted to create products that I would use. Over the years as my style has developed so has the need for certain items in my everyday life. One of those items is cards. I have an entire scrapbooking box of cards and envelopes in case I’m ever in need! It’s come in handy more times than I can count.

About a year ago, I created these cards, something that I felt was missing in my personal stationery collection. I wanted cards that I could have on hand at all times for pretty much any occasion that might come up. I wanted simple cards that people could have and use when they were in need of some pretty paper.

Coming in four designs, each is designed for a different purpose. Two with my calligraphy on them and two with hand-drawn designs. One of each in a square and rectangle format. To shop these cards, click here. Or visit the Shop section in the menu above.

The first card I created was part of my own business branding. The small rabbit design in the bottom left corner is a drawing I did of Dixie when I first started. In fact, I love this little bunny so much that I got it tattooed on my wrist last year in honor of her. This square card can be used for anything – pet birthdays, funny notes, or a simple hello!

The other square card that I created is a simple, yet modern thank you card. Thank you is written in calligraphy (done by hand, not a font) is a mustard yellow color in the top center. Cards like this are great to have on hand! You never know when someone is going to do something worth thanking them for!

The first of the rectangular cards I made was another simple, yet effective design. The flowers in the two opposite corners are hand drawn and printed in a faded olive green. These cards are perfect for any event that you might be going to – bridal and baby showers, birthdays, or even Mother’s Day!

Finally, the last card in the series is made with love, pun intended. Another simple design that can be sent as a reminder that you’re thinking of someone or for a special occasion in that person’s life! These cards go especially great with handmade gifts.

Each card comes with its own envelope, either a beige or kraft paper color. Note that if you are mailing the square cards, it will require extra postage.

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