Jen & Devin

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October 28 was my busiest wedding day of 2018. I had 2 weddings that day, one of which I was also the guest for, and another the next day. Devin & Jen’s wedding, I not only got to be their calligrapher, but also a guest and friend at their incredible wedding. Devin and Jen exude so much love for each other and it’s so clear to see through these gorgeous photos. Plus, with their signs, they did the best thing you could ask for from a client. They said, “Here’s our vibe, do whatever you want, we trust you!” And that’s exactly what we did. We created some really fun stuff for the wedding, enjoy!
This directional signs certainly stands (ha! get it?) as one of my favorite things to date. It’s so fun and funky but functional and traditional all at the same time. It’s a fun play on the day, but keeps it classic and simple.

I used a vintage window that I had and painted the back with navy paint to match their invitations. This sign sat right outside the barn they had their ceremony and welcomed guests to their best day ever!

We knew we couldn’t create signs and not have a fun one to top it all off! When we were planning their signs, we found one similar to this and couldn’t help but adapt some of the rules.

Before the wedding, Jen also asked me to create some champagne glasses that she could give her girls to celebrate with her! I created these custom stemless champagne flutes for each of her bridesmaids so they could toast before the big day.

Cheers to Devin & Jen and a lifetime of happiness!

Photography: Brogen Jessup Photography
Venue: Ethereal Gardens
Calligraphy & Signage: Dixie on Dallas

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