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This is another wedding that I will rave about until the end of time. One of my best girls got married! After Jess and Brandon got engaged, we all went in to full wedding planner mode. Jess is someone I knew would always get married and as someone who has been there for so many of her friends before her, I knew this was going to be one epic party.
I worked on the design of this wedding from start to finish — I’m so proud of the way everything here turned out.
For starters, when we created their wedding invites, I only got 2 pieces of information from them: make it tropical and we’re using a hexagon backdrop, so let’s try and incorporate that shape. The crisp white paper allows for all of these fun tropical colors to really pop! When we mailed out their invitations, the details card and invite were bound together with a gold embroidery floss and tied together. The back was sealed with a green monstera leaf wax seal. We really wanted to make sure guests were clear on the theme and vibe of the wedding with every detail here. For the styled photos of their suite, I made up an address that I knew would be special to them. I used their wedding date for the address along with Jessica’s cats name (Hunter) who sadly passed away just a few short weeks before the wedding. Cooper is also the name of their pup, so we made sure to get his name in there too! I think adding hidden little details in there like this is such a special touch.

This welcome sign was so fun! I wanted to make sure every sign (almost 12 of them) had their own special tropical touch to them. The gold leaves reflecting around golden hour makes it even more perfect!

We created these programs for the day as well! This was actually the first time I’ve created a program for a wedding, but I loved making these. We made sure to have them match the wedding invites and other paper goods.

For the place cards, we knew we needed a meal indicator on there so we decided on using some different color wax and reusing their monstera leaf seal. The place cards were then displayed in trays that were filled with pink himalayan salt to keep up with the tropical theme (regular sand was too boring)!

Brandon and his family built this arch for their wedding – how awesome!

For the dinner menus, we wanted to bring in the same hexagon shape from their wedding invites and the ceremony. These menus were custom printed and placed with a monstera leaf for some cute table decor!

Brandon’s mom Rachel is an incredible baker! With all of the events that lead up to a wedding, I got to be on the receiving end of many of Rachel’s delicious treats. They used each new event to try out new cakes and desserts for their wedding. Jess wanted to make sure Rachel got the credit she deserved here so we made her a cute little sign so everyone knew. Yum!

Cheers to Mr. & Mrs. Manning!

Thanks for letting me stand by your side Jessica & Brandon and having me create so many fun pieces for your wedding. This day was just as epic as the both of you are!

Planning: Back Patio Event Design
Photos: Desert Born Studios
Venue: Morgan Run Club & Resort
Flowers: Flora Glamour
Calligraphy, Invitations, & Signage: Dixie on Dallas

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